Vice Guitar FounderVICE GUITARS

„The true challenge is to create a guitar with improved ergonomics, sonic personality and aesthetic looks. But however outrageous a guitar does look, it has to deliver sound and quality.“

VICE Guitars is located in Munich, Germany. The founder of VICE Guitars Vice Brekalo is a professional designer and self-confessed guitar addict. VICE Guitars is a limited production shop that uses high production tooling like modern CNC wood-carving to carve necks and bodies and patterned metal tops. On the other hand the guitars are crafted and completed in a traditional way by hand.
VICE Guitars guitar designs are always unique and sometimes radical with input from Leo Fender, Ned Steinberger and Ulrich Teuffel.
VICE Guitars uses a variety of materials like wood, aluminium and carbon to go beyond the boundaries and deliver the best playability, tone and ergonomics.